A home, like a runway, wears many styles

A home, like a runway, wears many styles

1) Just as you design your wardrobe, choose a style at home that mirrors the style you choose for your clothes.Bring in your favourite looks while blurring the lines between fashion and interiors and achieve a great result.

2) Find inspiration for your home in your own closet. You never know, a favourite blue t-shirt might be the perfect colour for your study walls.

3) Express yourself on the walls of your home just as you would express yourself with the choice of bag and shoes you wear. It doesn’t necessarily mean you go and hang clothes on your wall, although a vintage embroidered kimono can look really amazing!

4) Different days call for different looks. Think “weekend night out” outfit as your formal room in your home!

5) Whatever look you feel good wearing is usually related to how your interior might be, over the top or sophisticated understated.Create a space that you love coming home to, true to who you are.