Harpers Bazaar Interiors

Harpers Bazaar Interiors

Happy New Year everyone! Its January, the time of year for self evaluation, new beginnings and new anticipations. Change is the hallmark of any new beginning, so leave the past behind and revel in what the upcoming year will bring. Being an enthusiast by nature, I look forward to a fresh, energy, kick start to anything! Especially a new year. But lets be realistic, a new year can not change the wrong in our lives on its own. Not everything comes with “refresh” and “update” buttons…..it’s going to take effort and work.

We all make promises to ourselves to start or stop doing something that will benefit us. There’s nothing wrong with typical resolutions but have you ever wondered if “your walls could talk” what resolutions they might have. We often go through life forgetting to evaluate our surroundings. Where do you go to recharge, unwind, refresh and update? Is it getting harder to find the things you use and love? Home is where the heart is lies. So take a moment, take in what you see, and make a plan of action to make your home a better place. In the spirit of new beginnings, lets make resolutions that will make our home more beautiful, efficient and greener place to be in.

One of the best and easiest ways to feel better about your home is to clear the clutter. Not surprising how clutter accumulates, we all collect far more than we need. But our minds are cluttered enough, and our senses pick up on our outer environment. Your outer chaos will only increase your inner one. Your home should be a place that allows you to keep your cool and alleviate your stress, don’t let it work the other way.

One of my favourite quotes is: “Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live for today.” We rarely use items stuffed under beds, or on the top shelves of our closets. Go through them, you may rediscover treasures you forgot you even had and the rest just donate to charity. Make time for those jobs that have been put off for so long. Paint yet to be done? pictures yet to be hung? You will feel so good to finally check them off your list! Do you have 10 different remotes for your TV and sound system like I do? They will need a place on the table. But if you want your coffee table to be both functional and stylish , find beautiful boxes to hide your remotes inside.

Trays are a great way to organize your collections. Whether on a side table or coffee table,
group your collectables, books or perfumes on sleek trays. This will visually frame them for organization, unity and will give them more interest.

Think twice about what you buy, to only fill your home with the things that make you feel good. Whether or not we are conscious of the effect, everything and everyone that we come into contact with affects us in one way or another. Its time to weed the garden of your life, and only retain the positive things and people. Trust me you will breathe much easier in your own home and 2015 will feel just great!