Travel is where I get most of my inspirations. Wandering through souks, seeing different craftsmanship and emotion of the artisans and their traditions. Making conversations with patterns, textures, authentic, raw and organic. From free-spirited street styles of London and New York, to tribal patterns in India and Africa to the movies such as Studio 54, I get my inspiration from everywhere and everyone I see. Mostly inspired by the 70’s and 60s trends through my mom’s photo albums and pictures of her and her friends each wearing such unique style, especially their kaftans, a time where everything seemed to go. The length of the dresses, flowy florals, wildly patterned kaftans, to geometric lines…. each had her own mysterious allure, and the essence of confidence was woven into each and every gown. Kaleidoscope by Mimi is not about fashion– it’s about global style which makes a statement and a lasting impact.

A composite assemblage of prints and patterns inspired by travel, depicting a diaspora of styles that reflect the global citizens of today, committed to eco-products, sustainable practices, craftsmanship and compassion for the planet.