What modern piece of furniture might become a future classic and one day maybe a collectible?is a question many of ask ourselves when investing into a design piece!! well until we master time travel to buy the "unbought," we have to rely on our design instinct and hope for the best! But What's valuable and what would get laughed off at the Antiques Roadshow, could be spared. First ,make sure it's an  Original , produced in small numbers and most importantly, beautiful!! because honestly, who wants to own an ugly classic ??? 


In these cost-conscious times, people are choosing to buy" investment pieces".– stylish yet practical designs that their children and grandchildren will possibly enjoy for many years to come.We all want to hand something down to our children, a piece that will hold its value  and changing fashions. So what better than a favourite piece of furniture to enjoy through the generations? –Buying the best craftsmanship, quality and, ideally, items that are limited edition can help ensure your investment.  Do this by buying from the best names and designers in the market - including the top quality brands such as Knoll ,Vitra and Kartell. Some even do great re-editions of classic pieces which may also prove to be a very good investment. 


Handmade, natural materials and quality craftsmanship are great choices too despite their higher price tag. Now, more than ever, it seems designers  are more likely to focus on earth-centric aspects and sustainability. Luckily for us eco-friendly furniture designers are getting more daring with creative materials and concepts and are coming up with such stylish pieces that are not only versatile and so easy to integrate into any style, but absolute art pieces.Not all are the most expensive and  the most groundbreaking, but many are  ones that people could live with for a long time! 


People always think Eames when they think "classic ". I think "So over-saturated"! Design is a question of love and there are many brilliant designers creating and inspiring us, many of which will surely leave their mark, ones that would be sought after and coveted in years to come. Passionate and playful,I love it when designers don't take design or themselves too seriously. And that's why I absolutely love Philippe Starck and Jonathan Adler. Both have the apt to remix old-fashioned decor and modern materials.I am sure I will love them forever and more than likely my grandchildren will too.You really want timeless pieces of furniture , ones that you can be sure people would rummage flea markets and estate sales for.Now,  I cannot predict the future, but I would however suggest you go out and purchase at least one design piece, no matter how small, it is before its too late !