Its so true that when you can't have something , you will want it even more!!! The warmer the weather gets the more I am longing for outdoors and ocean views!! 

Beautiful colors are felt and not just seen. Combinations evoke emotions, feeling and temperatures. Three places did that to me in my life. Nice, for its the vast open sees, Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech and its rich blue hues and Jodhpur, India referred to as the "Blue City” ! All blue!

I think color is situational. In Dubai, where the light is bright and sunny most of the year I usually like white walls…but in my travels of inspirational search, another accent color has caught my eye.

Nice  is  where I grew up  and  my first paintings in school were inspired by Yves Klein who was also born there and was something of an inspirational mystery to me. A conceptualist in the 50′s and 60′s, Klein used to also throw parties, where he would paint models in cobalt blue and use them as stamps on his paintings!! All he did was just paint stuff  blue, but not just any blue; he patented his own IYKB (International Yves Klein Blue). His paintings are absolutely spectacular, breathtaking even.

Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech, created in the 20s by Jacques Majorelle, a french painter, who had settled in Morocco to pursue his painting career. The garden was his laboratory of plants collected from all five continents and where he played with rich, bold colors painted onto Moroccan architecture. Mostly cobalt blue was used throughout the garden which later was dubbed 'bleu majorelle' in his honor.

It is not known why the houses in Jodhpur are painted blue ,but is thought that the last Maharaja who resided in Mehrangath Fort, dreamed to look out from his palace onto ocean water view and therefore made all the  town residents paint their houses blue.Nowadays the residents of Jodhpur show extreme pride of the city's blue color. they also  say it keeps the buildings cool during the punishing summer. 

I think I'm addicted to this colour, as I was addicted to my denims…I guess you can tell from my previous columns ,I stay true to my blue! The very nature of it's strength makes other colors pop. We see it in huge trends in interiors, fashion, and accessory design.It has a surreal power to bring a modern edge to any room.Just amazing when mixed with very traditional brown furniture. The color makes everything look young, fresh and ultimately timeless. But what makes it so versatile and timeless, just like denim, (THE most versatile colour yet which you can wear with just any color or any style ),klein or majorelle blue can do that to interiors too! As a focal point, a large sofa or painted on one wall as a background ,all the other vivid colors and furnishings will stand out .Use a little or a lot of it, with modern or traditional furniture, this color will sure make "that" edgy statement you long for. And as history proved, Yves Klein Blue remains fresh and timeless and will do so for many years to come.So seize the infinite blue Yves Klein did and only feel “blue” in a bold, strong, assertive, way!