Ever since I learnt about it in school, Ancient Egypt felt so fictional from fascination and has since fuelled my fixation with all things ancient Egyptian. The mystery and allure of Ancient Egypt will never stop enchanting us. All the symbols and myths from the Eye of Horus, the falcon guardian of the ruler, symbol  for protection, royal power and good health, to the sacred scarab, the most important amulet in ancient Egypt,this civilization affected fashion, jewellery and interiors throughout hundreds of years until today. EvenKaty Perry got Eyptomania rocking ancient Egypt in her single video, “Dark Horse” taking pyramids, pharaohs, and snakes to another level …hair and makeup that would have the envy of a King Tut himself!

 Just look at the art forms that existed back then and imagine the kind of talent that they had. interiors and architecture were so advanced, way ahead of their times, craft beyond the limit of tools and invention, and always brilliantly excessive! It is no wonder Art Deco was wild about Egyptian revival, filled with elegance, luxury, mystery and intrigue, THE most exceptional interior design ever innovated. This style attracted attention of people who like to surround themselves with exquisite things without being too formal. A combination of geometrical forms and ornaments, a style praised by Hollywood decorators, mostly used in trans atlantic cruise ships, exquisite night clubs and hotel rooms.

After the discovery of Tutankhamun’s  tomb, Egyptomania took on a life of its own, reviving the romantic fascination and glamorous style of ancient Egypt , from the skyscraper architects in New York to the Hollywood directors making iconic films about Cleopatra. And much as Art deco was the last grand style of the twentieth century, Queen Cleopatra was the Last pharaoh to reign in ancient Egypt leaving a mark of greatness and style. Queen of the Niles’ dressand fashion sense both in history and in Hollywoodalways created quite a spectacle.This powerful pharaoh combined with the allure of a beautiful actress made the figure of Cleopatra endure in splendour and influence.Whether dressed as the Egyptian goddess Isis or simply in her cat-eye Black kohl, Cleopatras style has stood the test of time. Armbands Cleopatra wore back in the time would put any arm party of today to shame . Accessories and styling may have been more important to the look of the Ancient Egyptian than the garments themselves.  Egyptians loved ornamentation. Furniture was covered with gold sheets to make them look really exquisite and “the chair” was considered to be very important for the noble families, ornately carved , the higher the position of the individual, the more elaborate the chair.

  IF only I could be swept away, back in time, in the days where being draped in golden textile and charmed with snake jewelry was the norm! ;)

 Did you know:

Historical evidence shows ancient Egyptians of all ages, classes and both sexes considered perfume and eyeliner to be basic necessities.